ERA4CS kick-off Meeting of the co-funded projects

During the last two days of November an event titled ERA4CS kick-off meeting was held at Belgian Science Policy Office (BELSPO), Brussels – Belgium.

For reasons of building synergies between climate services research activities, the kick-off meeting for the 26 co-funded projects was organised partly in collaboration with the European Commission Executive Agency EASME, with the objective to connect the 26 ERA4CS climate services projects with 15 Horizon 2020 climate services projects in a joint climate services networking event. This ERA4CS event was proceeded by (i) a joint networking event and (ii) a meeting between all the 26 projects had started by the time of the kick-off meeting.

ECLISEA Teleconference of Work‐package leaders

A virtual meeting between the work‐package leaders within ECLISEA was held on October 26th. The goal of the meeting was to overview the ECLISEA project status, the activities within the work‐packages and inter-relationships, future meetings and objectives.

ECLISEA has been structured in 6 WPs:

WP0. Project management, communication and dissemination

WP1. Review of existing data sets and stakeholders needs

WP2. Review of existing data sets and stakeholders needs

WP3. Predictability and uncertainty of SSDs on seasonal, decadal and long term future climate projections

WP4. Coastal Climate impacts and uncertainties

WP5. Prototype of a European Coastal Climate Service