Predictability and uncertainty of sea surface dynamics on seasonal, decadal and long-term future climate projections

Here, tasks related to future regional forecasts and coastal climate over Europe are included. Regional climate predictions and projections of sea surface dynamics will be investigated at different time scales, from seasonal predictions, decadal variability, to long-term changes under different socio-economic climate change scenarios.

Activities to be accomplished in this WP are grouped in five tasks:

3.1. European seasonal prediction of waves and storm surges.
3.2. Assessment of the performance of outcomes from climate models used as forcings of waves and storm surge.
3.3. Decadal prediction of waves and storm surges.
3.4. Assessment of uncertainties of mean sea level rise climate projections.
3.5. Development of regional climate projections of waves and storm surge



  • The project has officially ended in April 2021.
  • The scientific publications related to the project are now available HERE
  • The database of historical and climate projected Sea Surface Dynamics as well as coastal impact indicators are available HERE


European advances on CLImate Services for Coasts and SEAs


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