Review of existing data sets and stakeholders needs

The objective of work-package 1 is to review existing coastal climate data in Europe and to document insights on stakeholder needs regarding coastal climate information.

WP1 is supporting the following activities within ECLISEA in order to focus on utility from coastal stakeholder perspectives and on localized gaps in terms of research aspects or data availability. This WP allows the identification of barriers and constrains to get harmonized information.

It has been raised through

  • A review report of existing coastal climate information from available sea surface datasets (in-situ/satellite observations, hindcasts/reanalyses, regional projections) and related coastal exposure databases (geomorphology, lithology, shoreline, bathymetry, elevations, etc).
  • A collection of the climate information needs from multi-sector stakeholders. The source of the information and documentation will be the German, Spanish, Greek and French coasts, since stakeholder demand is strongly space-related. The feedback from stakeholders (e.g. through literature review, workshop) will be considered in this task.
  • An  identification of the main gaps in the databases at European level, deficiencies in the way climate information is provided to stakeholders, and the potential key-points that require additional efforts to advance scientific research on the coastal climate.





  • The project has officially ended in April 2021.
  • The scientific publications related to the project are now available HERE
  • The database of historical and climate projected Sea Surface Dynamics as well as coastal impact indicators are available HERE


European advances on CLImate Services for Coasts and SEAs


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